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Wednesday, July 16, 2007
God is calling His Church to prayer for our nation & Israel , NOW, as Never ever before in history. Our Nation along with Israel are in extreme danger, and only prayer as the Body can touch the heart of God,and cause Him to move His hand.
God said, we are called to personal repentance & prayer, pray that our nation repents ,God said, if My People who are called by My Name will humble themselves & repent, & call on MY Name ,says the Lord, I will heal your land & I will forgive you & give to you restoration. 1st. off, God is saying, this is the Godless generation, thus saith the Lord, they have forgotten Me ,gone on to do their wicked abominations in my land ,gone after strange gods, and the leaders of the land, says the Lord, who allow & promote wicked abominations against Me and My Word says the Lord, will be held accountable unto Me ...Thus saith the Lord, nomore does My Church teach about sin & it's consequences,leaving many souls lost & dying says the Lord...This new movement in the land,saying you only repent & confess once and that is at salvation/redemption, and you never repent again or confess again, this is a wicked lie from the devil, and not from Me ,says the Lord...Luke13:3 & 1John1:9,10...the Lord is saying, I am a Holy God & cannot look upon sin, before I can hear you , you must repent & confess all things of the flesh which are not of Me says the Lord, examine yourselves daily says the Lord, see what thing is on you , in you & not of Me says the Lord. God wants that you know, He does not hear sinners when they pray, only when they do His Perfect will (which is to believe Him & accept Christ as Savior,repenting from all sins to Christ (Isaiah59:2 & John9:31/ Luke13:3 & 1John1:9,10, then He says, I will hear you.
1Co 6:9 Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor abusers, nor homosexuals,
1Co 6:10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
God is saying, they murder His unborn babies in the womb, 50 million unborn babies , which are God's heritage, are murdered in their mother's wombs.God is saying, they have gone after wicked abominations of which I have forbidden,they have forgotten Me and done away with Me & My Word ,replacing Me with My Son ,Jesus the Christ , (once & for all sacrifice 1cor.5:7(john3:36 / john10:30 /John14:8-11/Col.2:9 & 1Cor.1:29 /John10:28 For this God is doing a great shaking world wide,where thousands upon thousands will die . God said, after this, many will see & believe & repent & be saved , in which time I will pour out from My Spirit a time of refreshing & Great Revival in the hearts of My Children.
God is saying, He is calling His Church from its great slumber from the N, E, S & W everywhere to stand strong against the wicked abominations in the land which He has given us ,which are not at all of God.( we are to rise against this Giant) says the Lord NOW,says the Lord
God said be an Esther, she prayed & fasted & caused My heart to move & over rule the govt. and I will do the same now, there will be a Jezebel & Elijah happening soon, says the Lord. We Must pray for the very soul of our nation says the Lord...People say, why should we pray? God sees all & knows all...God said, first, you have not because you ask Not, or you ask to please your own selves. God says, I gave the land to you, and you have a voice in it . Pray for personal repentance, turn from all wickedness unto Me says the Lord,and pray for the Repentance of your nation & Israel, and for all nations everywhere, that they turn back unto Me their first Love through Jesus Christ .Oh how we need the Fire of God to enter our hearts everywhere, to cry out onto God for His help & restoration & revival. Cry out unto God & repent away from all that grieves God.
Pray for God to restore to His people traditional marriages, as He said in Gen. Pray about terrorism, our economy,Israel , (joel 2 , young & old everywhere.)God said, my church is slumbering & thus saith the Lord , arise now & go forth as I have instilled in you great boldness & courage and strength....Now is the time to pray without ceasing. ...God is saying...Now I will stir My Church into great release of fasting & prayer as never before...pray for the universities,schools, our children , our grand children, pray & believe God will show mercy, that He shake the young men & women everywhere, shake the abortion places,open up for adoptions,God is saying, pray & seek My Face Now. Pray about all the abominations in the land everywhere, porn, sexual torment to my little children says the Lord.plagues, incurable sicknesses,addictions,pray that God releases a supernatural faith all over the land.all because they reject Me says the Lord, and you can do nothing without Me says the Lord. Gen.12:3 people came against God's children & He turned them into fish food...Isaiah 62,be a watchman, for zions sake I will not be silent..Rom.11,matt.25 , five judgments.....ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe Israel off the map along with the USA, The Lord is saying to take this seriously, as we help them & pray for them, they will see our faith in Jesus Christ , pray they see ,believe & receive Christ as Lord & Savior , God is saying, I will Bless them who bless My People & curse them who curse My People. Acts 10 Cornellius 3X's I have seen your giving & prayers v.22 a good report among the Jews ,God sent Peter to his house,(peter saw unclean gentiles) He explained salvation in Christ & they were saved & spoke in tongues, God has blessed the people of Israel.God said back in middle 90's terrorists were then in this nation everywhere & nobody knew who or where they were,because they are from the USA,Born & Raised right here,They know the language & all the important places,difficult to figure out who & where they are says the Lord; & they were then setting up their dirty deeds to do against this nation, and so they are doing right now, and Ahmadinejad is todays Hitler, 6 million were executed before by Hitler,natzis, and there are 6 million in the land today, There is a division of Israel coming,and she must be preserved........and thus saith the Lord, I am calling My Church to prayerwithout ceasing now, Join Prayer Groups says the Lord, I want that My Church is a praying Church.
People, This is The Heart of God right now, and the Only way, He can heal our Land along with Israel ,God is saying; All Nations, Everywhere, who are part of the Body of Christ are called to this World wide call of His Church to (PRAYER, as never ever before.
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